The NIKKISO Non-Seal pump is a canned motor pump that covers high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

Health and safety-oriented
NIKKISO Non-Seal pumps’ airtight design protects operators against exposure to substances that are dangerous to health. And the pumps are designed to handle explosive or flammable fluids, and other aggressive fluids.

Simple installation and maintenance
Compact design combined with a low number of required components enables simple installation and maintenance. Feeler gauges and shims are no longer necessary. And since there is only one shaft, alignment is a thing of the past.

Small & compact, low space requirements
Pump and motor integration means space is used especially efficiently. With minimal base space requirements, set-up costs are reduced.

NIKKISO’s leak-free design prevents product loss and pollutant emission into the atmosphere. The best option for addressing worldwide concerns for the environment and increasingly stringent regulations.

Unique E-Monitor
NIKKISO offers highly reliable canned motor pumps. In order to fit predictive maintenance programs, NIKKISO Non-Seal pumps also have the E-Monitor feature for local bearing monitoring.

Quiet and low-vibration
A fully encapsulated system without a motor fan or exposed bearings enables low-noise and low-vibration operation. Perfect alignment between the motor and pump also reduces system vibration significantly.