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LEWA Intellidrive® Metering Pumps

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LEWA Intellidrive® – LEWA combines what was separate before.

Mechatronic diaphragm metering pump with intelligent drive technology via servomotor.

  • Flow rate 4m³/h per pump head
  • Discharge pressure 1000 bar
  • Metering pumps for special fluid kinematics

By integrating a highly dynamic servomotor, the overall pump speed and separate suction and discharge stroke speeds can be infinitely varied to meet the process requirement. Ideal for high precision applications and also applied for high viscosity duties.

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Fluids with special kinematics are pumped in many filling tasks and high-precision chromatography processes in the pharmaceutical industry. LEWA developed Intellidrive technology for this purpose. The highly dynamic servomotor makes it possible to regulate the pump’s stroke times in an infinitely variable manner, thus modeling individual pumping characteristics according to the demands of your system and process.

pumps reciprocating positive displacement lewa intellidrive range 3

This intelligent motion control also enables the metering of highly viscous fluids and facilitates metering of very small volumes, even over very wide control ranges. In combination with a second pump, nearly pulsation-free volume flows can be generated through accurate synchronization.

Intellidrive technology is available as either a LEWA Ecoflow diaphragm metering pump or Ecodos diaphragm metering pump.