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Horizontal Vortex Pumps


APT pumps are New Zealand designed and manufactured Horizontal Vortex Pumps, designed specifically for the meat industry for pumping dirty and solids laden liquids. They are an industrial grade heavy duty pump, and Pump & Valve manufacture these in our very own Wanganui factory.

  • Robust heavy duty cast pumps manufactured from either cast iron, bronze, stainless steel or duplex stainless steel (no pressed stainless steel here!)
  • Ideal for pumping fluids that contain fibrous solids such as animal hair and leather pieces
  • Open face or full vortex impellers used for superior solids handling ability
  • Various applications at rendering plants and abattoirs where the liquid pumped is often dirty, abrasive and has solids
  • Tallow pumping – especially when there is bone chips or other solids in the liquid
  • Dairy effluent transfer

APT U Series low