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Fastflo Dewatering Pumps


Fastflo Dewatering Pump are robust and heavy duty pumps, for clean and/or dirty water applications.
With top-mounted discharge and availability in either manual or automatic models, these are perfect for construction sites.
Available in 1 Phase as well as 3 Phase options.

  • Quality cast iron casing with stainless steel outer cover
  • Compact strong & easy handling
  • Cast Iron multi-vane open type impeller
  • Double silicone carbide mechanical seals in oil chamber plus lip seal
  • 10 metre long neoprene oil resistant lead & 3 pin plug
  • High chrome alloy (HCR) steel hardened impeller 55 – 60 Rockwell, designed to stand high abrasive applications
  • Motor is cooled as water flows past it
  • Pump Controllers available
  • 2 year warranty
  • Building Sites/De-Watering/Flood Control
  • Civil Engineering, Tunnel De-Watering, Ground Works
  • Contractors, General Drainage Applications
  • Hose & Fittings available if required
  • DOL starters available if required

NB: The contractor type pump is also available in an agitator configuration if required. This creates a powerful stirring action for pumping of slurries. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this option.

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