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Separator Feed Pumps


The AS0630 submersible pumps manufactured by ABS has proven to be reliable and robust pumps for feeding solids separators on dairy farms (Feed Pumps). Manufactured in Ireland to high standards the AS0630 has become the standard for reliability. The vortex impeller makes it perfect for passing long and stringy solids and it has a unique castellation cutting ring on the back of the impeller that prevents fibres wrapping around the shaft.

  • Vortex impeller suitable for pumping fibrous solids
  • 60mm free solids passage
  • 4 pole motor for low wear rates
  • Powerful 2.2kW 3 phase motor
  • Impeller can be cut down to suit various separators
  • 65mm flanged outlet
  • Hard faced Silicon carbide mechanical seal
  • Separator feed pump for dairy effluent
  • Domestic sewage
  • General waste water

AS data sheets with curves

AS0630 data sheet