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Sulzer Channel Monster

Powerful grinders for pump stations and headworks.



Sulzer Channel Monster sewage grinders represent the best-in-class technology for wastewater solids reduction. The patented Channel Monster uses rotating screening drums to capture solids and direct them into our proven dual-shafted grinder. The result is a high-flow capacity system that can handle typical solids loading as well as tougher solids like wood and occasional rocks.

  • Dual-shafted grinder
    • Proven low-speed, high-torque dual shafted grinding which can shred the toughest solids
    • Grinds debris smaller than single-shafted machines
    • Grinding separates organic from inorganic materials in the waste stream
    High-flow screening drums
    • High flow screening drums to prevent bypass of unshredded solids without compromising flow
    • Standard stainless steel 12 mm perforated drums
    Automated monitoring and controls
    • Protect pumps and other critical equipment from costly clogs and damage from tough solids
    • Auto load sensing reduce interrupts and protects the system from damage
    • Adaptive to custom requirements and plant SCADA systems
    • Stores operational data
    Wipes Ready™ technology
    • Wipes Ready technology available which prevents materials from forming long strips and reweaving in the waste stream
    Lower operating cost
    • Clear pipes and pumps means shorter pump run cycles and lower electrical costs

The Channel Monster sewage grinders are designed to capture and grind down the toughest wastewater solids in high-flow systems such as:

  • Pump stations where tough solids need to be ground up
  • High flows at the plant’s headworks

Channel Monster sewage grinders are available with the unique Wipes Ready™ suite of technologies. It was designed to capture all wipes in the waste stream and shred them into small pieces that will not reweave into a ragball in sewage systems.

The Wipes Ready technologies applied in Channel Monster sewage grinders are:

  • Wipes Ready cutters* – A combination of serrated cutters and knurled spacers cuts wipes in two directions. The result is smaller particles that cannot reweave downstream.
  • Delta P Side Rails* – Direct solids into the cutters without sacrificing flow rate and prevent debris build-up in the grinder
  • Optimized cut control (OCC)* – The OCC gear ratio optimizes shaft speeds to enhance the cutting action and cleaning of the cutters, which in turn improves the performance and life of the grinder.

* Patent pending






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