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Roper Xeric Pumps


Roper XERIC: Redefining the standard for progressing cavity pumps; helping industry run smoother with reduced downtime and improved energy efficiency.
In short, a high-performance positive displacement pump for extreme pressures and temperatures requiring little maintenance – a progressing cavity pump that’s built to last by eliminating the main wear component.
To create this, Roper incorporated their revolutionary DuraTorque technology used worldwide in the most rigorous downhole applications.

Whether due to the application, upstream equipment failure, or human error, no installation is perfect. Instead of offering expensive, unreliable sensors that simply warn of impending failure, XERIC eliminates the stator elastomer altogether. Chances of costly catastrophic failures are greatly reduced with no stator rubber to chunk, degrade, delaminate, or debond.
Some traditional positive displacement pumps fail within minutes if starved of liquid. XERIC has run for two days straight absolutely dry – without damage or loss of performance.
Even if run dry, XERIC is designed to minimize costly repairs and, even more importantly, minimize down time.

Revolutionary Pumping Element:

  • No stator rubber to potentially fail Actual run dry capability
  • Doesn’t require constant monitoring
  • Unsurpassed chemical resistance
  • More than 2X pressure per stage
  • Patented laminated disk design
  • Labyrinth seal effect between precision fit rotor and proprietary XERIC alloy steel stator

Superior Capabilities:

  • High temperatures, stator rated to 600°F, pump to 450°F
  • Higher viscosity applications, 320cSt – 1,000,000cSt
  • Higher pressure capabilities, 150psi per stage
  • Addresses challenge of incompatible elastomer and fluid
  • No requirement for constant inlet feed
  • Gentle transfer of shear sensitive liquids


Elastomer-incompatible fluids
• High pressures
• Temperatures to 400°F (204°C)
• Viscosities from 320cSt to 1,000,000cSt
• Multiphase flow
• Shear-sensitive liquids
• Potential dry-run installations