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Oberdorfer Chemsteel Gear Pumps


For your chemical gear pumps needs, Oberdorfer™ is the industry leader in corrosion-resistant pumps with their hardworking chemical feed pump brand, CHEMSTEEL™.

The CHEMSTEEL™ pumps family is engineered to handle highly corrosive material under harsh conditions. Manufactured to extremely precise tolerances, with high performance alloys, CHEMSTEEL™ pumps prevent system contamination while maintaining the integrity of the chemical being handled. Whether your application calls for an acid pump or another type of chemical transfer pump, CHEMSTEEL™ pumps, both sealed and mag drive, are a dependable solution for handling corrosive chemicals.

  • Design specifically for pumping chemicals
  • Housing materials available are:
    • 316 stainless steel
    • Alloy 20
    • Ryton (Reinforced polyphenylenesulfide plastic)
  • Available with a variety of shaft seals (packed gland, single mechanical and double mechanical)
  • Completely sealed magnetic drive pumps also available
  • The pump is positive displacement means they are able to give quite accurate and repeatable flow.
  • Caustic pumping
  • Acid pumping
  • General chemical pumping
  • Resin pumping

Oberdorfer chemsteel brochure

Oberdorfer chemsteel metric overview