Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic drive pumps are ideal for pumping toxic and dangerous chemicals as they are completely sealed. Unlike most centrifugal pumps that rely on a mechanical seal (subject to constant leakage and eventually failure) to prevent fluid leaking to atmosphere magnetic drive pumps are completely sealed. The impeller is enclosed in a hermetically sealed casing and motor power is transmitted via a magnetic drive system.


Assoma’s magnetically driven seal-less pumps are driven by a set of inexorably coupled magnet sets that are separated by the rear casing of the pump. The outer magnet set is joined to the driven shaft and the inner set is joined to the impeller. Thus when the outer magnets turn; so do the inner magnets and so does the impeller. This system eliminates the mechanical seal and all the associated issues that come with it.

  • Provide¬†Union¬†and¬†Flange¬†connection¬†options
  • Metallic¬†bracket¬†coated¬†with¬†corrosion¬†resistant¬†paint¬†provides¬†strong¬†support¬†for¬†the¬†pump¬†and¬†piping¬†loads
  • IEC¬†motor¬†with¬†F¬†class¬†insulation¬†and¬†IP54¬†or¬†IP55¬†protection
  • Various¬†corrosion¬†resistant¬†wetted¬†material¬†options¬†(PPG,¬†PVDF,¬†ETFE+CF)¬†to¬†handle¬†aggressive¬†chemicals
  • Simple¬†construction¬†for¬†easy¬†maintenance¬†and¬†repairs
  • Available¬†connections¬†are¬†union,¬†flange¬†or¬†direct¬†hose.
  • Both the epoxy-coated bracket and the stainless-steel base plate have been carefully integrated to maximise its structural strength against additional loading from the piping system.
  • Can¬†be¬†coupled¬†to¬†a¬†standard¬†IEC¬†motor
  • Wetted¬†parts¬†are¬†either¬†PP+GF¬†or¬†PVDF¬†(selection¬†depends¬†on¬†the¬†fluid)
  • Simple¬†structure¬†with¬†minimum¬†parts¬†makes¬†the¬†maintenance¬†easier.
  • Bulk¬†chemical¬†transfer

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