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Submersible Flood Pumps


AFLX and VUPX pumps manufactured by ABS in Lohmar, Germany and these are typically used as Submersible Flood Pumps and also for applications that require high flow, low head pumps. The compact units are lowered into standard steel tubes and need no anchoring, as their own weight is sufficient to hold the units securely in position, using the well-proven SULZER coupling ring. The robust design and quality materials ensure high operational reliability and hydraulic efficiency up to 88%.

Pump & Valve Specialties are the New Zealand official agent for Sulzer/ABS, and offer these submersible flood pumps to NZ with service to match – whether you are looking for spares, parts, repairs or builds we’re ready to assist.

  • VUPX pumps are a submersible propeller pump and is ideal for very high flows at low heads. Note that the propeller type pumps are not suitable for passing solids and a strainer arrangement is required. Flows up to 7,000l/sec and heads to 11m.
  • AFLX pumps look almost identical to the VUPX however they have a mixed flow impeller that is capable of higher heads and lower flows and can also pass solids. Flows up to 3,200l/sec and heads to 35m.
  • Premium efficiency motors
  • Condition monitoring available (seal, motor temperature, water ingress, vibration etc)
  • Motor sizes up to 650kW
  • DN600 to DN1400
  • Flood protection
  • Process water pumps
  • Clear water
  • Storm water