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Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps


APT self-priming pumps by Pump & Valve are ideal for lifting water out of sumps that are below the pump. Priming is completely automatic and requires no operator input. Maintenance is also carried out above ground (and in some instances can be done in place) making it quick and easy. These pumps are designed for clean and dirty water and are also able to pump solids. They are available in close-coupled, long coupled and engine mounted.

  • Automatic self-priming
  • Suitable for pumping both clean and dirty water
  • Able to pump solids (size varies according to model)
  • Suction lifts up to 7m
  • Flows up to 650m³/h (180l/sec)
  • Heads to 60m
  • Available in cast iron, stainless steel, bronze and aluminium
  • Trade waste
  • Sump pumping
  • Construction site dewatering
  • Waste water pumping
  • Winery waste

Self-Priming Catalogue

Trade Waste Sump Pump

Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps for a Dairy Factory