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VACOMASS Binder Jet Control Valves

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VACOMASS Binder Jet Control Valves have been designed specifically for precise control of aeration in waste water treatment plants. VACOMASS Binder Jet Control Valves are available in sizes from 250 – 400mm they can accurately control air from 80 – 13,500Nm³/h (95 – 9,700SCFM) and have a linear control curve from 0 – 95% of their stroke. This leads to vastly improved DO control and in most cases leads to the DO set point being lowered, thereby saving significant amounts of energy. Pressure loss over a Jet Control Valve is also extremely low (particularly compared to the traditional butterfly valve) meaning that often very reasonable pay back times can be achieved without factoring in a lower DO set point (which improves the payback yet again).

The traditional aeration control valve in New Zealand is the butterfly valve which has a very unstable control curve leading to unstable DO values and they also have very high pressure losses – typically around 50 – 80mbar. The VACOMASS Jet Control Valves by Binder are the perfect answer to these issues.

  • Linear control curve which gives extremely precise control over the air flow leading to vastly improved control of the DO levels
  • Extremely low pressure drop. 10mbar is the maximum loss (which is also the maximum flow of the valve) however they typically run at 3 – 5mbar loss.
  • 14,400 actuator turns (about 5 minutes) are required to move the valve from fully open to fully closed. This slow acting mechanism stops the DO from getting ‘nervous’ and jumping about
  • Very low turbulence – in fact these valves act more like a flow conditioner. Dropper lines can be placed 0.5D after the valve eliminating what can be complex and expensive straight lengths to enable turbulence from other control valves.
  • Easy onsite tuning. Control valves with linear curves are very easy to write algorithms for! Whereas writing an algorithm for a control valve with a non-linear curve can take a long time and still have a less than desirable result.
  • Binder have their calibration and testing facility for air. This is a key point of difference as almost every other valve on the market has been designed and tested for liquid which acts quite differently to gas.
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Bubble tight shut off

Precise control of aeration air in sewage treatment plants

Binder VACOMASS Jet Control Valves – Technical Data Sheet