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LEWA Micro-Metering Pumps

LEWA Micro Metering Pumps


A range of plunger and diaphragm metering pumps, including solenoid actuated versions for accurate and reliable micro-metering for process or laboratory applications.

  • Flow rate 1.0 ml/h to 55 l/h
  • Discharge pressure 560 bar

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pumps reciprocating positive displacement lewa micro metering 2

Smallest flow rates, highest efficiency.

  • Flow rate 1.0 ml/h to 55 l/h
  • Discharge pressure 560 bar

In the oil and gas industry, in gas odorizing and in the energy industry, fluid components are often metered in extremely small amounts, proportionally to the variable reference value.

MAH, MBH and MLM micro-metering pumps from LEWA represent an efficient solution for exactly these types of applications: They have an extremely wide control range for maximum metering flexibility and can also still implement small flow rates. With five different solenoid power sizes, they cover an extensive field of application.

The small pump types of the series are also available with solenoids without Ex protection; these can work against higher pressure. The two control systems specifically developed for this program permit adaptation to a wide variety of different tasks.

pumps reciprocating positive displacement lewa micro metering 5

Micro-metering pump with integrated drive unit and control technology.

  • Flow rate 10 – 500 ml/h
  • Discharge pressure 500 bar

Often, new process technologies are tested on a small scale in high pressure laboratories. High precision is the essential condition, so that later the up-scaling can be done as accurate as possible. LEWA developed a hermetically tight high-pressure micro-metering pump for safe and leakage-free operation at pressures up to 500 bar.

The intellilab is the logical further development of the K3 and K5 micro-metering pumps used in high pressure laboratories for decades. With the intelligent drive unit and first-class control technologies, LEWA intellidrive enables highly dynamic regulation of the drive-side angular velocity during operation. At a back pressure of up to 500 bar, flow rates from 10 to 500 ml/h can be realized with a metering accuracy of ± 3 percent.

Using proven pump technology and integrating latest technologies, LEWA developed a metering pump, which is ideal for laboratory environments and test situations and meets all safety and reliability requirements. Its strength lies also in the hermetically tight metering of critical and hazardous fluids.

pumps reciprocating positive displacement lewa micro metering 4

Hydraulically actuated diaphragm and mechanically actuated plunger laboratory pumps for extremely small flow rates.

  • Flow rate 1.5 to 65 l/h
  • Discharge pressure 160 bar / 400 bar

In laboratories, test centers and other testing environments, small amounts of liquid media often have to be metered. Great value is placed on operational reliability and a broad spectrum of use in these environments. The metered flows have to be reproducible and controllable with high precision. The fluid has to be protected from any impurities.

The LEWA FC micro-metering pump completely satisfies the requirements for a laboratory pump. It is highly efficient and meters at an accuracy of ± 1%. Multiple pump heads and drives can also be combined as desired to form multiplex pumps. This allows high flow rates or metering of multiple different fluids in a process sequence.

So that it can be used in a wide variety of application areas and fulfill the specific requirements of our customers, it is available in two different designs: as a diaphragm pump or packed plunger metering pump.