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LEWA – Ecosmart API 675 Medium Pressure Metering Pumps

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The LEWA Ecosmart diaphragm metering pump offers the best price/performance ratio in its class, and meters a wide variety of fluids with high precision.

  • Hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pumps
  • Flow rate 300 l/h per pump head, with 80 bar pressure discharge
  • Efficient, safe, cost-effective – the low-price diaphragm metering pump for medium pressures
  • Standard ranges and modular designs, including API 675

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These hydraulically actuated metering pumps feature the same proven, patented sandwich diaphragm and the DPS diaphragm protection system featured on the premium high pressure Ecoflow range.
The Ecosmart ensures completely reliable operation and maximum safety for your production process and the environment. Thanks to its high energy efficiency, the life cycle and maintenance costs are extremely low.
With the Ecosmart, you benefit from excellent LEWA quality at a reasonable purchase price.

Unique suction capacity

The LEWA Ecosmart diaphragm metering pump differs from other pumps due to its unique suction capacity. The undue diaphragm positioning system enables Lewa diaphragm pumps to safely operate with suction pressures as low as 0.1 bar abs, virtually full vacuum. The operating costs for the entire system can also be lower than with other pumps.

Absolutely safe start up

The Lewa diaphragm positioning technology ensures that correct diaphragm positioning is always maintained ensuring safe start-up and operation even in the most demanding process upset conditions. This allows Lewa diaphragm pumps to provide the best operational safety and reliability when starting up your system and longest service life of the diaphragm.

Patented sandwich diaphragm

The Lewa patented sandwich diaphragm is not only extremely durable, but also well-protected. The LEWA DPS diaphragm protection system and a diaphragm monitoring system ensures that the risk of diaphragm failure is minimised. In the unlikely event of failure, the system provides both alarm and containment – with the added advantage of Lewa’s simple, reliable “sandwich” diaphragm technology over traditional double diaphragm systems.

Low maintenance costs and a long service life

All Lewa diaphragm components are designed and manufactured to proven premium standards to ensure low maintenance and operating costs. If the regular maintenance intervals are maintained, the diaphragm pumps can operate for 40 years or more in your production process with numerous such examples worldwide.

Safety and reliability in extreme operating conditions

For Lewa, safety and reliability comes first: The pump is protected from damage, even in the vent of operating errors and extreme upset conditions. Lewa ensures maximum protection for user and machine through built-in safety mechanisms – not only when excess primary pressure is present, but also when the pressure or suction line is closed.

A pressure relief valve in the hydraulic part of the diaphragm pump prevents potential overload situations in operation. This valve is individually adjustable and can therefore be adapted to different operating situations.