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Submersible Mixers



XRW Submersible Mixers manufactured by ABS are ideal for use in both municipal waste water treatment plants and dairy farms where intelligent farmers are concerned about power usage and whole of life costs. These robust mixers are manufactured in Lohmar, Germany.
Submersible Mixers are so efficient that often when compared to equivalent opposition mixers in performance the motor size can often be dropped by 1 or more sizes without a drop in flow and thrust. This is due to extensive CFD analysis and testing on the propeller and the use of high efficiency motors.

  • Powerful performance with lower power consumption due to CFD optimised propellers
  • High efficiency motor that conforms to IEC 3 (ABS are the only people to have these premium efficiency motors across the entire range)
  • Quick release cable system
  • Castellation ring behind the propeller for mechanical seal protection
  • Double Silicon carbide mechanical seal with seal monitoring sensor
  • Quality investment cast duplex stainless steel propellers
  • Body materials available are stainless steel or cast iron
  • Lubricated for life bearings with a calculated life of more than 100,000hrs
  • Mixing sludge and liquor at waste water treatment plants
  • Dairy effluent pond mixing