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SMARTCOVER SmartLevel™ – Sewer Level Monitoring

Smartcover-Covers for Harsh Environments


SmartLevel™ – Anticipate events before they happen.

SmartLevel™ is used for measuring and reporting sewer levels, providing collection systems with unmanned operations monitoring real time sewer levels – 24/7/365.
Any subtle nuances in level data are analyzed and when irregularities or anomalies are detected, the system sends notifications for situational assessment. Combined with the SmartTrend analysis tool, the system is able to indicate when and where there may be a potential pipe blockage due to debris, fats, roots, oil or grease, causing levels to rise.
The Subsonic® sensor measures from the bottom of the invert to the manhole cover using both ultrasonic and pressure readings, ensuring level is measured even if the sensor is submerged.
With the SmartCover mobile app, get the insights you want, when and where you need them. Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Pump & Valve Specialties are the sole partner for SmartCover systems in New Zealand.

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SmartLevel is highly versatile for use within different environments:

  • Wastewater collection system
  • Raw water conveyance system
  • Stormwater system
  • Any open water channel
  • High frequency cleaning locations
  • Siphons and easements
  • Older high risk pipes
  • Flooding
  • Lift station back up
  • Environmental or politically sensitive areas
  • Hardware components engineered to function in wet, humid, corrosive conditions
  • Flexible patented sensor designs and deployment
  • NO CONFINED SPACE ENTRY* installation or service
  • Reduces traffic management resources
  • Secure, online dashboard with easy-to-read, visual reports
  • Compact, long lasting battery
  • Two-way communications permits remote settings management
  • Fusion with rain, river and tide data
  • Done-for-you analytics
  • Works when there is no power
  • Satellite coverage works with sites difficult to access and withstands cellular outages
  • Variable timing options for data scan and notifications
  • Built in tilt switch for real time entry detection
  • Encrypted secure servers with redundancy
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • API available
  • Configurations for open channels, canals, holding tanks, lift stations, outfalls, reservoirs and utility tanks

*as defined by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146b

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