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Truck-Mounted Roper Gear Pump for a Kenworth

Roper Gear Pump on Kenworth

Truck-mounted molasses pumps made easy with Roper Pump Company.

Another 3648 gear pump installation mounted nicely beneath the tanks on a Kenworth T610SAR for BHL Feeds in Taranaki.

Roper Gear Pumps have been sold in New Zealand by Pump & Valve for over 20 years. Simple, reliable and very robust these pumps have been manufactured in the United States since the late 1940’s. Ideally suited for pumping thick lubricating liquids they are in service all over New Zealand pumping bitumen, emulsion, molasses, waste oil and resin.

Pump & Valve Specialties are privileged to be the NZ agents for USA-made Roper Pumps, with full service backup, pumps and parts on hand, representing them for over 20 years.

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