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Self-Priming Pump for Stormwater

Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumpset for stormwater

Pump & Valve were approached by a customer wanting an increas ein the flow of storm water from an existing sump & pump system that didn’t have enough storage nor pumping capacity. The major challenge in this application was the size of the existing sump (it was very small) and working around the existing pump (which had to stay as we just wanted to add to the existing capacity not replace it). The additional flow rate required was 300m³/h.


The solution provided was a surface mounted self-priming centrifugal pump. This pump was ideal as no modifications to the sump were required to fit a suction line, the existing pump could be left as is and was fully operational during installation and maintenance in the future would be very easy. Priming is 100% automatic and it could easily deal with debris commonly found in storm water. This self-priming pump has worked so well that the system has been replicated since!

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