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Pump & Valve are proud to represent Wilden as the Sole Agent for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Pump & Valve - Wilden New Zealand Agents

WILDEN – Recognized in Writing.

With over 100 years combined experience of Wilden alone, Pump & Valve Specialties Ltd are your go-to locals for AODD Pumps – with off-the-shelf pumps, parts and backing it up with full workshop capabilities.

The P&V team right across New Zealand are fully trained in the art of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps from Wilden themselves, meaning we can promise every AODD enquiry is solved with a Wilden. You can’t put a price on safety or reliability, so why settle for less?

Our stock all comes direct from the PSG Dover Warehouse in USA, meaning everything we stock is covered by Wilden’s own factory warranty – as well as everything can be traced back to their factory.
If it does not have an official Wilden nameplate then it’s not a Wilden.

WILDEN are the market leader of AODD Pumps, so if you’re looking for a diaphragm pump look no further than the experts at Pump & Valve Specialties.
New pumps, repairing and refurbishing your pumps, spare parts kits, you can have it all. No one’s stopping you!

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Auckland – Wanganui – Wellington – Nelson – Christchurch

0800 WILDEN (0800 945 336)

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