Pump Blocking Issue Sorted


Kaimai Valley Services had a pump station in a retirement village where they were constantly unblocking the pumps. 1 – 2 times a week they would be there lifting and unblocking the existing 150mm pumps and the culprit almost every time was soft solids (rags, tee shirts and we won’t say what else!).


Pump & Valve offered Kaimai Valley Services a free 100 day trial. Although somewhat sceptical it was decided that the offer was too good not to try it so with that a 100mm ABS pump was installed. The pump was able to be fitted down the existing 150mm guide rails with an adapter so so the existing pump foot could be reused. They pump was installed in April 2013 and at the date of writing (July 2016) it has not blocked.

Scott Collinge (Waste Water Engineer at Kaimai) said

“we are very happy with how this went. The installation was very easy with the Flygt adapter and we are very pleased that the pump has not blocked in over 18 months”.

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