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Mobile Peristaltic Hose Pump for Waste Chemical Recovery


Client required a mobile pumpset that could be easily transported to Airports around the country to recover waste firefighting chemicals from IBC containers. The pump needed to be self-priming, easy to use and must be able to run dry without damage. It also needed to be able to plug into single phase power supply.


Pump & Valve supplied a Verderflex DURA 35 peristaltic hose pump, which due to its compact footprint enabled it to be mounted onto a common hand-truck base. This meant the pump unit was able to be easily manoeuvred through security gates etc to where it was required.
The package included a single phase VSD with 3 phase output, electrical cabinet, isolator switch, cable & plug and hoses with camlocks etc.
The Verderflex Dura series are a heavy-duty pump with a unique hose design. The reinforcing fibres in the hose, are very fine and are evenly distributed through the rubber to spread load – giving unsurpassed hose life.

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