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Verderflex Hoses In Bredel SPX Series Pumps

Verderflex Hoses In Bredel SPX Series Pumps


A waste water treatment plant had been using Bredel pumps for pumping sludge around the plant. The hose life that they were getting from the Bredel hoses varied between 1,000,000 – 3,000,000 revolutions. This life was less than ideal and – as the operator put it – they always failed on a weekend or a Friday night!


Pump & Valve sold a Verderflex hose with its unique wound structure and uniform reinforcing and hose life has gone through the roof. The hose in the trial pump got to 18,000,000 revolutions before it was replaced. Interestingly enough the hose didn’t fail at 18,000,000 revolutions but they decided that it had well and truly done its dash and the pump was apart for another reason so it was replaced.

The reason for this is that the construction method of the Verderflex hose – as far as we know – is totally different to any other hose on the market. Rubber is wound on to the core in strips giving it a braided appearance and a rough finish (which interestingly enough creates a capillary action and helps holds the lube on the hose). This process also allows fibre reinforcement to be placed very precisely. Using this construction method gives a strong hose that is able to be squeezed and then regain its shape millions of times.

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