Jung Twin Screw

A dairy factory approached Pump & Valve with a requirement to replace an existing lobe pump that was pumping a hot, viscous food grade slurry at medium solids at an above normal pumping pressure. The existing lobe pump was unreliable and often had stainless steel pickup on the lobes from high pressure deflection. Also during CIP flows the lobe pump would vibrate so badly that it sounded like there was an earthquake occurring in the factory! Furthermore when the slurry cooled it would get very sticky which presented mechanical seal issues. This pump was one of the main pumps in the factory and reliability was absolutely essential – if this pump didn’t run the whole factory went into limp mode.


Pump & Valve offered a Jung twin screw pump for this demanding application, with the application parameters (on the previous tab), being within the operating specifications of the pump. The twin screw design has eliminated the vibration issues, it runs very smoothly during CIP and the double flushed tungsten carbide faced mechanical seals have been 100% reliable. The customer did look at other brands of twin screw pumps however the combination of price plus the fact that the Jung pump was close coupled (no alignment issues) and the fact that the screws could be timed without disassembling the pump cinched the deal.

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