Trade Waste Sump Pump


A large dairy factory required a pump for pumping their trade waste up and out of a sump and into their trade waste treatment plant. There were a number of challenges including:

  • A very small sump size
  • Wildly fluctuating inflows
  • pH extremes (low pH’s when the acid washes and waste fruit juice came through and very high pH’s when the caustic came through)
  • Solids in the flow
  • Aggressive CIP chemicals coming through such as sulphuric, nitric and phosphoric acid and also sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite

Pump & Valve sold a stainless steel self-priming sump pump into this application. The pump is mounted above the sump and priming is completely automatic.

  • The pump is run with a VSD and is able to handle inflows up to 55l/sec so very little sump storage was actually needed.
  • The pump head is stainless steel which is resistant to all their chemicals in the concentrations that end up coming through.
  • The open impeller was able to pass solids up to 75mm
Products Used