Steak Filling Transfer Pump


A client approached Pump & Valve with a requirement to pump the steak and gravy filling for a well-known pie brand. The filling was for their premium pies so the pump had to be able to pass larger than normal pieces of steak (2cm³ – 3cm³) without damage. The steak and gravy filling had to be pumped directly out of the cooker so not only was the mixture hot but the steak was very tender and pulled apart very easily.


Pump & Valve came up with the innovative solution of retrofitting flap valves to an air diaphragm pump. The flap valves – when open – allow full 40mm solids passage so the steak could pass through virtually untouched. The acid test came when Pump & Valve were called to site for commissioning. A fresh batch of steak and gravy filling was made up. The pump was turned on and the steak filling was pumped into a tray where the steak could be examined to see if it was damaged. The result? The steak was virtually untouched.

Products Used