Pump & Valve were asked to look at an application to divert waste water from a dairy factory past a failing drain that could not be repaired. The application was made especially difficult as the customer had already installed a 5m deep below ground tank with a very small opening – far too small for a conventional submersible pump. The waste in-flow varied from 1 – 330m³/h and the waste water went from being acidic to alkaline and from hot (up to 70°C) to cold.


Pump & Valve worked through the options and found that using 3 x stainless steel Victor Self Priming pumps was the best choice for the customer. These pumps were ideal as they would automatically prime without any operator input, the stainless steel could handle the wide variations in pH and as they were mounted above ground only the suction lines needed to go into the tank – getting around the very small opening. Plus the pumps have open impellers that could handle solids up to 35mm.

The pumps have been installed late 2016 and are working well.

Products Used