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Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps


Peristaltic pumps have the simplest and most gentle pumping action of any pump. They are ideal for pumping shear sensitive products, can dose very accurately, they are unaffected by abrasion, can perform high suction lifts, dry run and pump pressures up to 16 bar.

  • Wound style hose for long hose life. Verderflex hoses are not made using conventional extrusion methods; instead they are wound and then vulcanised leading to excellent hose life. Tests have shown that they last substantially longer when made this way.
  • Dry runnable – as the hose is lubricated from the outside this pump can dry run indefinitely. They will also self-clear an airlock (quite relevant when pumping sodium hypochlorite!)
  • Fast hose change and superior hose clamping device
  • Gentle shear sensitive pumping action
  • Flows from 5l/h to 90,000l/h
  • Pressures up to 16 bar
  • Ideal for pumping thick and abrasive liquids
  • Hose materials available are NR (Natural Rubber), NBR (Nitrile Buna Rubber), NBRF (Nitrile Buna Rubber Foodgrade), EPDM and Hypalon
  • Hose inserts are available in stainless steel, polypropylene and PVDF
  • Can pump abrasive solids laden fluid such as lime slurry without adverse effect
  • Shear sensitive
  • Lime Slurry Dosing/pumping
  • Sodium Hypochlorite dosing
  • Shear sensitive and product pumping
  • Metering and dosing

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Verderflex Industrial Peristaltic Pumps Brochure

Verderflex Hoses In Bredel SPX Series Pumps