SPEL Storm Chambers


SPEL StormChamber is an open bottomed, high-density polyethylene infiltration chamber for subsurface retention or detention of storm water runoff.
The SPEL StormChamber provides an environmentally progressive and technologically advanced storage and pollutant removal solution – yet it is more cost-effective and requires less maintenance than other types of underground storm water management systems.
The StormChamber reduces nutrient and other pollutant loadings by taking advantage of the natural biological and physical properties of the soil, directly comparable to the functions of a septic drain field. It also recharges ground water drinking supplies, while concurrently helping to maintain base flow to streams, wetlands, lakes, and ponds, and to counter salt-water intrusion.

Efficient installation. Less expensive, quicker and easier to install than other types of underground storm water chamber systems.
Design flexibility. The side-portal feed provides greater flexibility in engineering and hydraulic design, eliminating circuitous routing of feed pipes from inlet structures to entry point of a header pipe.
Open infiltrative surface area. The StormChamber’s open bottom provides maximum infiltrative surface area. This works like a septic drain field to degrade nitrogen, phosphorous and other pollutantants, while forming a bio-mat of microorganisms upon the underlying stone and soil.
Replicates pre-construction hydrology. The infiltration of storm water recharges groundwater supplies – maintaining base flow to streams, wetlands and coastal areas, while helping to retard salt water intrusion.

Suitable for all stormwater applications involving water sensitive urban design and a stormwater treatment train in:

  • Commercial areas
  • Industrial areas
  • Residential areas