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Sabre Effluent Pumps


Sabre Effluent Pumps are supplied as either a ‘plug and pump’ complete package (includes all necessary pump protection) or as a base pump that can be integrated into your system.
In an increasingly demanding environment, heavy duty solutions are required for the transfer and process of cow shed effluent.

Pump & Valve offer the toughest solutions with their Sabre Progressive Cavity pumps. Sabre pumps are heavy duty units that can handle the rigors of daily usage and have smarts that make them the best choice on the market today.

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Benefits Include

  • Heavy duty bearings—pump with peace of mind
  • No high tension bending shaft—Sabre’s over engineered sealed universal joints take out the elliptical motion professionally
  • Extended pumping end geometry—reducing rubbing velocity and increasing parts life
  • Flows from 3l/sec — 18.4l/sec
  • Pressures to 115meters
  • 3 — 15kW

Base Pump:

  • The Base Pump includes the pump, gearbox, motor and baseplate
  • Standard shaft seal is a Silicon carbide vs silicon carbide mechanical seal
  • Packed gland available on request
  • Pump materials of construction are cast iron body, hard chrome plated stainless steel shaft and rotor and nitrile stator
  • Suction lift has been calculated on 25˚C water and 1m suction pipe friction loss

Package Pumpset

  • Includes the base pump as described above however is supplied complete pre-wired with a control panel that includes:
  • Dry run protection,
  • High & low pressure cut-out,
  • Kelco flow switches,
  • Motor overload protection,
  • Visual and audible alarm
  • 3m cable with IP65 PDL plug for ease of installation.
  • Designed as a ‘Plug and Play unit’ (connect the inlet and outlet of the pump, plug it in and turn it on)
  • Minimises electrical onsite costs
  • Dairy effluent pumping
  • Green water pumping
  • Raw effluent pumping

Sabre advantages

  • 24 month warranty on our superior Cardin universal joint system
  • 12 months warranty on all other components
  • Stronger more reliable planetary gearbox
  • Heavy duty galvanised dipped baseplate fully supports pump and motor for ease of maintenance
  • WEG motors with standard IEC flanges are used as they have local support, exceed MEPS 2006 standards and haveIP55 protection. Note that we do not use wet flanged motors.
  • Rotors in 410 s/steel and hard chrome plated = harder stainless and better wear life
  • Improved rotor / stator geometry resulting in lower rubbing speeds and zero leakage
  • Self priming, non clogging operation with high suction lift capabilities
  • Drawn power directly fluctuates to the system pressure, eg; low pressure = low power
  • More consistent irrigation pattern across the farm due to a more consistent flow rate
  • Pump has been tested and pre-commissioned in-house before dispatch

Accessories (please enquire)

  • Stone catchers
  • Countdown timers
  • Pulse timers
  • Inlet and outlet connections

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