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Inline Macerators


Vogelsang Rotacuts are ideal inline macerators for applications such as septage, sewage, digester sludge and also agricultural waste. They have a unique cutting action verses a tearing action that is very effective for cutting up rags, wetwipes and other fibrous material. Every Rotocut also has an inbuilt course solids separator. 

Developed in the 90s, it is now an indispensible component in many systems. It is no coincidence that it is copied again and again.
As a powerful wet macerator with an integrated heavy material separator, it is the ideal solution for problems with coarse and fibrous matter, as well as with foreign matter in pump media. They are separated, coarse and fibrous matter are macerated and the medium is homogenized at the same time.
Thus, these inline macerators reliably keeps foreign matter out of all pipe systems, prevents clogging and blocking, and guarantees smooth operation in every pump assembly.
However, RotaCut™, with its cutting principle, is also the best choice when a defined maceration is required, e.g. in the disposal industry.

Brilliant for homogenization of cosubstrates in bio-suspensions, cutting fibrous matter, maceration and separation of solids and maceration of food waste.


  • Has a cutting action that is very effective with dealing with fibrous waste
  • Self-adjusting mechanism on the knives to automatically compensate for wear
  • Cutting screen has been engineered in such a way that even when worn cutting ‘tracks’ will not be worn into the knives
  • Available with PCC (Performance Cut Control). See video for explanation of how this works.
  • Septage maceration
  • Sewage maceration
  • Animal and offal maceration
  • Digested sludge maceration
  • Agricultural waste maceration

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