Commercial Packaged Pump Stations


Fluidtec package pump stations are ideal for use in hotels, hospitals, retirement villages, general industry and supermarkets where sewage must be pumped to the council main.

They are supplied to site fully built up complete with pumps, pipework, valves, control gear, pump protection, lids, inlet pipe and tank.

Constructed from fibreglass the tanks are custom designed on a case by case basis and are able to be installed at depths of 12m deep. Standard pump station diameters are:

  • 1200mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1800mm
  • 2100mm
  • 2500mm
  • 3000mm
  • 4000mm

Custom diameters and builds are also available.

These units have an integral valve chamber making installation much easier.

Fluidtec Packaged Pump Stations are factory designed, built and assembled in our manufacturing facilities and are delivered to site ready to be lowered into the ground. Compared to a conventional concrete pump station typical onsite site work is thus restricted to:

  1. Lowering in the one-piece pump station (valves and pipework are already installed)
  2. Connect the outlet pipe with single flange
  3. Lowering the pumps down (only because we cannot transport the pump station with them).

These packages are ideal for areas with high ground water as they are a completely sealed chamber making them impervious to infiltration. In these challenging areas installation time and costs are lowered significantly (less dewatering is required and pump station assembly is done before lowing it in the hole).

They are also suited to installation in geothermal areas as the fibreglass is not subject to H₂S (Hydrogen Sulphide) attack.

Note we will have a picture of the pump station here as a cutaway showing the below points:

  1. Integral valve chamber – easy installation and simple valve removal
  2. One piece Fibreglass tank – zero infiltration, lightweight, designed for complete immersion and impervious to H₂S corrosion.
  3. 60° sludge batter incorporated into the base of the chamber to prevent solids build up
  4. Hinged safety grate under the wet well opening
  5. Preassembled pipework from the pump auto-coupling to external discharge flange
  6. Dismantling elbow – simple valve removal
  7. Tank internals have a white gelcoat coating enabling easy cleaning and also making visual inspections easy.
  • Retirement villages
  • Rest homes
  • Hospitals
  • Sports centres
  • Abattoirs
  • Showgrounds
  • Wineries
  • Bus stations
  • Laboratories
  • High rise buildings
  • Building services
  • Zoos
  • Saw mills
  • Schools
  • Temporary construction sites
  • Police stations
  • Public toilets
  • Camp grounds
  • Shopping malls
  • Large commercial buildings and offices

Riverside Gardens – Wastewater Packaged Pumpstation