Odour Filter Eliminates Smells!


Kaimai Valley Services had a bad odour problem with a sewage pump station near a shopping centre in Matamata. They got regular complaints from shoppers that were unfortunate enough to be close by as well as from the shop owners who were concerned about the effect on their business. Kaimai Valley Services first tried a chemical dosing system that sprayed chlorine dioxide onto some plastic balls that the foul air was supposed to pass by and get deodorised however this system was an abject failure.


Kaimai Valley Services installed a McBerns ZC series filter that has completely fixed the issue – proved by the fact that they have had 0 smell complaints since installation of the unit. This is pretty impressive considering that H₂S levels were as high as 200ppm coming out before installation (this reading has now dropped to 0ppm)

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