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Jung Twin Screw Pumps enable Food Manufacturer to Achieve Production Growth

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Pump and Valve Specialties Ltd are proud to be involved with our customers manufacturing expansion by the supplying specialist food handling pumps.

Commencing in September 2019 with the supply of the first pump-set, we have recently followed up with a further two pump-sets.
Our customer approached us with a requirement for pumping caramelized onion & hummus.
At the time they were using a lobe pump, however it couldn’t deliver the flows their production required due to the viscous nature of the product and head pressure in the lines.

Alternative pump types were considered, however challenges persisted with unanswered questions around suction ability, maintaining the integrity of the product, achieving sufficient head pressure and ability to deliver a satisfactory CIP duty.

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The solution was a German manufactured HYGHSPIN Twin Screw pump by Jung close coupled to a 8-pole electric motor.

  • These are a high quality stainless steel Pump Internationally certified according to EHEDG, 3-A (USA)
  • Suitable for products of virtually any consistency whilst maintaining high efficiency
  • Extensive solids handling capability
  • Very high suction power
  • Gentle pumping action
  • The same pump is used for the pipe CIP duty.
  • Speed and duty are controlled via a Variable Speed Drive.
  • Close Coupled to an electric motor

Following further discussion with our customer we were able to finalize a purpose engineered pumpset that met all of the expansion-project requirements including onsite physical constraints, a tight time-frame to execute our completed delivery, and overall budget costs.

Our exacting approach and attention to detail have ensured all three pump-sets are identical, even though delivery has occurred progressively over 12 months.

Key to this is our CAD Drawing capability, our trusted network of premium suppliers, And our own in-house experienced Engineers.

If you have a specialist pumping requirement that is time-critical and cost-effective – you don’t need to compromise on quality.

Please call the team at Pump and Valve Specialties Ltd.
We can get the job done.


“Hi Tim,

Just a kind message to say thank you and Jeremy for your awesome service, communication and prompt turnaround with getting these pumps to site and installed.

I know we had a difficult original timeline to meet (so we could install these mid-September), but the fact that your team managed to have these ready for us before mid August enabled us to install the equipment during our planned site shut. This made our job much easier and reduced a lot of coordination and planning with production on our end.

We seriously appreciate the support and commitment that you’ve provided and hope to purchase more equipment from you guys going forward!

Keep up the good work!”

Product Used

Jung Process

Jung Process Pumps


Jung Twin Screw Pumps are amazingly versatile hygienic pumps that are ideal for pumping pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage products. The same pump is able to pump the product at low and gentle flowrates and then speed right up to get the fast cleaning velocities required. Jung Twin Screw Pumps are capable of pressures up to 35 bar and flows up to 300mÂł/h.
They carry the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering Design Group), 3-A and Atex certifications.

  • Heavy duty – these pumps are quite capable of running continuously in demanding applications
  • Hygienic design
  • Able for both CIP and SIP
  • Easy to service – does not have to be removed from the system for maintenance and service
  • Flexible – Various products, viscosities and volumes can be conveyed with just one pump
  • Gentle shear sensitive pumping action
  • The same pump is capable of both the slower product pumping flow and the fast clean in place flows
  • Pumping fruit purees
  • Yoghurt pumping
  • Cream pumping
  • Dairy pumping

Jung Process Hyghspin Brochure

Twin Screw Pump for a Dairy Factory