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Pump & Valve can offer Wilden AODD Pumps as the ideal pump for Ethanol. We’re proud to be New Zealand’s true representative of the Wilden family.

Ethanol Pump Wilden

What is Ethanol?
Ethanol is a colourless, flammable fluid commonly used in hand sanitizer and also in fuel, solvent in cosmetics, flavourings or medicines, and anti-septic treatments and household products.
It is also highly combustible and will ignite from a static spark charge if the incorrect pump is selected.

What to consider when selecting a Pump:
The pump needs to be made of conductive material/s and be certified with the appropriate ATEX/IECEx rating.
The pump or motor also needs to be grounded (earthed) correctly even if it is an air operated diaphragm pump, this is very important and even if the pump is portable it needs designated grounding points for it while the pump is in operation.

What Pumps can Pump & Valve offer?
Wilden Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps are ideal for pumping ethanol as they are air-powered (electricity near explosive liquids and gases should be avoided if possible), can be ATEX rated and can be used for pumping out of 200l drums right up to bulk tanker unloading and everything in-between. Port sizes start at ¼” and go right up to 4”. Typically we would use stainless steel pumps as often hand sanitiser has other ingredients such as acid that can attack aluminium and other metals.
We can also offer other electric-powered pumps such as centrifugal and vane however we have found that a Wilden pump is ideal for 80% of the applications.