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Dewatering Pumps for the Construction Industry

Sulzer Dewatering Pumps from Pump & Valve Specialties Ltd. For the Construction, Dewatering and Mining Industry

When our customer needed serious dewatering capability, he knew to look no further than these Sulzer XJ Submersible Drainage pumps.

These are fitted with AquaTronic option, providing for correct motor rotation as well as soft start function.
This includes the added convenience of performance information by connecting to PC and service diagnostic program, with easy access to:
– Pump status data
– Pump operating history
– Pump services/maintenance history
– Digital manual & spare part documentation.

Key criteria considered for this application were:
– Competitive stock availability of multiple pumps
– Our ability to engineer a custom steel discharge port arrangement to meet our customer’s specific needs
– A purchase price for this capital equipment that met our customer’s budget expectation.