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Waste water from a Concrete Plant

Waste Water From A Concrete Plant

A large concrete products manufacturing site in Auckland were having issues with the pumps pumping waste water from their settlement pond. Mechanical seals would fail regularly from being dry run and – if the dry running did not wreck them – the fine cement particles in the waste water would. Typical mean time between services was 6 months or less.

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Truck mounted bitumen pump 002

Truck Mounted Bitumen Pump


A large roading firm wanted a pump for unloading bitumen from their trailer at a flowrate of 600l/min. The pump needed to be hydraulic driven as electrical power was not feasible. The bitumen temperature was between 160 – 180°C.

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Resin Transfer Pump 001

Resin Transfer Pump


A customer required a pump to transfer resin from delivery vehicles to bulk storage tanks. The key requirements were reliability and good suction (as the pump had to be mounted above a bunded area and still be able to pull the viscous resin up and over the wall in order to transfer it to the tanks). The flowrate required was 30,000l/h against a pressure of 2 – 3 bar.

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