Steak Filling Transfer Pump

A client approached Pump & Valve with a requirement to pump the steak and gravy filling for a well-known pie brand. The filling was for their premium pies so the pump had to be able to pass larger than normal pieces of steak (2cm³ – 3cm³) without damage. The steak and gravy filling had to be pumped directly out of the cooker so not only was the mixture hot but the steak was very tender and pulled apart very easily.

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Resin Transfer Pump

A customer required a pump to transfer resin from delivery vehicles to bulk storage tanks. The key requirements were reliability and good suction (as the pump had to be mounted above a bunded area and still be able to pull the viscous resin up and over the wall in order to transfer it to the tanks). The flowrate required was 30,000l/h against a pressure of 2 – 3 bar.

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Pumping Hot Leachate From A Reactor

Pump & Valve were asked to look at an application pumping hot leachate out of a reactor. The application was challenging as the leachate was hot (80°C plus) and as the leachate was from a landfill the chemical composition changed by the month, by the week and by the day! The existing peristaltic pumps were failing as the rubber hoses could not cope with the wide range of chemicals that they came into contact with and the 80°C temperature didn’t help either. Hoses were failing between 1 week and 6 months.

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