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Hygienic Air-Driven Double Diaphragm Pumps for Transferring Solvents


This site in Auckland required air driven Double Diaphragm pumps fitted with Pulsation Dampeners to transfer solvents from bulk ISO containers to user points inside of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. The pump selection needed to include stainless steel wetted parts, with chemically compatible diaphragms and a discharge rate of not less than 100 litres per minute.

Compressed air pressure needed to be within the range of 100-150kPa.

The newly installed pipe-work needed to be protected from pulsation by installing a dampener.


We sized and selected 2x 1-1/2” Wilden Pumps, and we partnered these up with a Wilden Equalizer Surge Dampener.
To maximise the efficiency of these pumps, we selected the premium Wilden® Pro-Flo® SHIFT air distribution system and full-stroke diaphragms. This technology is cable of achieving up to 60% savings in the cost of compressed air to run, which is money on your bottom line.

All product is constructed in full T316 stainless steel construction with chemically compatible Teflon diaphragms and elastomers. And is FDA approved for sanitary process applications.

Pump and Valve Specialties Ltd are the sole authorized New Zealand Distributor for these Wilden pumps and products. This means that we represent you directly to the USA manufacturer, and have access to genuine Wilden parts, engineering and warranty.

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